HR Admin

Investment Firm hires an HR Admin for $1,300 per month

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About the Client

What The Client Does

They invest in brick and mortar, service retail concepts with an evergreen time horizon. They embrace an operations-focused approach to the development of the businesses they invest in.

Client Needs

They were looking for someone to help with HR administrative tasks. One of their companies has hundreds of part-time employees, so added HR support was crucial.

About the Hire

HR Admin

About the Hire

Geneve has a decade of experience working in human resource departments, managing all stages of the recruitment processes and employee documentation requirements. She has detailed knowledge of processing employee policies, terminations and benefits, as well as supporting the development and implantation of new HR systems and initiatives. Geneve is a proven HR leader, making her well-qualified for the position.

What the Hire Does

Geneve supports the existing HR Director on the following:

  • Employee timesheet tracking and auditing
  • Employee onboarding and process
  • Employee pay increase and termination paperwork and filing
  • Employee training confirmation and tracking

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