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Halo Recruiting is dedicated to helping you find quality, long-term placements within your team to strengthen your remote workforce and your bottom line. Here’s what you can expect:
Step 1
Step 1


Schedule a free consultation with our recruiting experts.
Step 2
Step 2


Our team will work closely with you to understand your organization’s unique needs and the qualities and outcomes you are looking for in your new hire.
Step 3
Step 3


We’ll conduct a customized search process, interviewing and screening candidates to provide you with a shortlist of the top candidates for your roles.
Step 4
Step 4


Once we provide a list of potential candidates, you’ll schedule interviews and select your new hire.

Step 5
Step 5


After a successful placement, you pay a one-time fee and we offer a 90-day replacement guarantee to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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Where we hire

We proudly recruit top global talent to satisfy the diverse needs of the businesses we serve:


Our founders have deep roots and relationships in the Philippines, which arms us with the experience, knowledge, and cultural context to thoughtfully place employees with the companies they are best prepared to make an impact in.

Additional Locations

While we specialize in off-shore recruiting in the Philippines, our team also connects companies with candidates in additional geographies. Reach out to learn more.

Recent Placements

Why Choose Halo Recruiting?


Boots on the Ground

At Halo Recruiting, we understand the challenges related to accessing quality overseas talent. We don’t just find employees — we develop a direct connection and foster meaningful relationships with the local communities in which we source talent

Unparalleled Experience

While the expansion of global teams surged in 2020, Halo Recruiting had already been at the forefront of hiring offshore talent in the Philippines. We are proud pioneers with a proven track record of connecting business with top talent.

White Glove Service

We offer a customized, bespoke search process that’s tailored to our clients’ specific needs. We deliver a white-glove service experience that companies need to get connected to quality employees they can trust.
David M.
My business is thriving thanks to the work placement done by Halo Recruiting! I had been working 20 hours a week managing customer service, scheduling, accounting, and more by myself. Halo helped me find Janine and, after a few weeks of hands on training with her, she's proved herself incredibly capable and reduced the amount of time I spend on her duties to maybe 2-4 hours per week, which enables me to focus on other aspects of the business. Could not be more grateful for Halo Recruiting for helping me find Janine. She's a rockstar employee and when I scale the business, I will absolutely use Halo again for further job placement searches.
David M. - CEO
Elysium Hospitality
Zach M.
The Halo team made recruiting our latest hire extremely easy and efficient. They handled everything so that all we had to worry about was the interview and focusing on the candidates.
Zach M. - Partner & CFO
Brown & McCook
Chase P.
Quick, seamless, and extremely hands on. Halo got us a number of qualified candidates immediately and we were able to make a hire soon after. Definitely very focused on making sure they find a good fit.
Chase P. - CFO/COO
Faigy F.
Halo Recruiting set up extremely professional individuals to be interviewed. They are very skilled and a pleasure to work with.
Faigy F. - Controller
Complete Venture Group
Danny B.
Halo was easy to work with and helped us make a phenomenal hire!
Danny B. - Co-Founder
Squire Dental
Peter O.
Was able to quickly get resumes immediately after we signed with Halo. The Halo team was very responsive to emails and was very generous. We hired a qualified accounting specialist for a fraction of the cost. I would recommend Halo to anyone looking to save on hiring quality candidates.
Peter O. - Controller
True Legacy Homes
A.J. E.
The BBEC was able to recruit an HR Specialist to its team thanks to Halo Recruiting and what a transformative impact this has made to our team's efficiencies! Thank you, Halo! Keep making a difference!
A.J. E. - Executive Director
Berkshire Black Economic Council


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