How to Hire Employees from the Philippines

With the rising popularity of remote work, a growing number of U.S. companies have discovered the benefits of hiring offshore employees from the Philippines as a way to obtain talented, skilled workers for up to 75% less than domestic equivalents. Thanks to software tools like Zoom, Teams, and Google Hangouts, any job that can be performed remotely within the U.S. can easily be accomplished from the Philippines, as well.

But how exactly does the offshore hiring process work, and how can U.S. companies take advantage of these cost-saving opportunities? In this blog post, Halo Recruiting breaks down the process for how to hire offshore employees from all over the world. We’ll cover:


Define Your Hiring Needs

The first step in finding your ideal offshore candidate is clearly defining your needs. By having a thorough understanding of your hiring requirements, you can help streamline the entire hiring process to obtain a qualified candidate.

In order to define your hiring needs, it may first help to understand what roles U.S. companies can hire for in the Philippines. Virtually any role that can be done remotely in the U.S. can be performed from the Philippines, including everything from managerial-level hires in marketing and accounting to junior roles in human resources and software engineering.

Research & Choose the Right Partner

Of course, the biggest challenge in finding a suitable employee to complete your team is outreach. This is why it’s critical to partner with the right offshore recruitment agency. Seek out recruitment specialists who have an established network and proven track record for successfully placing Filipino employees within U.S. companies. Recruitment agencies with these qualities are able to communicate more effectively with available workers and will be able to guide you more accurately in the right direction.

Additionally, it’s important to find an offshore recruitment agency that takes a boots-on-the-ground approach. This ensures that the candidates you are considering are carefully vetted and capable of handling the demands of your open position.

Job Posting & Description

As with any hiring endeavor, it’s important to have a detailed job description available that clearly outlines the demands of the role you plan to fill. Job postings for offshore candidates should be more detailed than your standard job description as clear communication is the key to finding the candidate that’s capable of satisfying all of your expectations.

When building out your job description, be sure to include pertinent details, such as:

  • Schedule: Include information about when employees are expected to work. Many Filipino employees are very comfortable working full-time U.S. hours, mirroring your U.S. employees’ schedules. Regardless, be clear about their work schedule to ensure the expectations are made clear from the start.
  • Communication: Provide details about how and when employees are expected to communicate with other team members as well as upper-level management, and how many meetings they will be expected to attend.
  • Deliverables: Explain your expectations when it comes to submitting deliverables on certain projects and what tools employees are expected to have to accomplish this delivery.
  • Reporting: Offer information about who employees will be expected to report to throughout the workday, how often, and any relevant information regarding progress reports and performance reviews.

Creating a thorough job description for offshore employees can be a daunting task, so be sure to find a recruitment agency that’s prepared to assist with this key aspect of the hiring process.

Screening & Shortlisting

After you’ve created your job description and begin to find a pool of potential candidates to fill your role, it’s time to start screening and shortlisting employees. This goes back to working with the right recruitment partner.

Ideally, your recruitment agency will work to gain a thorough understanding of your hiring requirements. From there, they will begin the search process on your behalf, interviewing and screening potential candidates to curate a custom shortlist of top options that satisfy your specific needs. During this process, you’ll receive a set of resumes for the top candidates, simplifying and streamlining the process so you can begin interviewing pre-vetted candidates and assessing their potential fit for your role.

Interviews & Assessments

When it comes time to interview and evaluate the candidates on your shortlist, the process is very similar to hiring remote workers in the U.S. Using video conferencing tools or other digital meeting solutions, you’ll connect with the potential employee to conduct a formal interview and ensure the right culture fit for your team.

Along with your interview, you may also need to provide a skills test or assessment to ensure the candidate is capable of meeting the expectations of the role. Writing samples, web design tests, and language proficiency assessments can all be easily coordinated with help from the right recruitment agency.

Onboarding & Integration

One of the benefits to hiring offshore employees from the Philippines is that most Filipino workers are willing to work in a U.S. time zone, making the onboarding and integration process smooth and simple. Be sure to have a clear process established prior to accepting an employee into your company culture, ensuring a streamlined transition and setting them up for lasting success.

While it’s rare that an offshore candidate (who was properly vetted by a reputable recruitment agency) ends up not working out, sometimes this does happen. This is another reason why it’s critical to find a recruitment agency that’s willing to go the extra mile in ensuring the right culture fit for a lasting employee-employer relationship. Seek out an agency that offers some sort of guarantee on long-term placement, and available solutions for how to find a new candidate in the event that one does not work out.

Find Your Future Employee from the Philippines with Halo Recruiting

Overall, the process for how to hire an offshore employee from the Philippines is simple as long as you have the right recruitment agency by your side along the way. At Halo Recruiting, we make it our mission to find the perfect candidate to satisfy all of your employment needs and expectations, ensuring a seamless culture fit and lasting relationship that helps keep your company competitive and successful. With our boots-on-the-ground approach and in-depth knowledge of Filipino culture and candidates, we help foster meaningful connections between employers and employees.

Find your future Filipino employee by contacting the offshore recruitment specialists at Halo Recruiting today!

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