Senior QA Engineer

Luxury Watch Marketplace hires a Senior QA Engineer for $2,200 per month

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About the Client

What The Client Does

Our client runs an online marketplace that authenticates, buys, and sells luxury watches. The marketplace offers a diverse inventory of watches, provides real-time updates on availability and pricing, and filters by thematic collection, enabling users to buy authentic luxury watches.

Client Needs

They needed a quality assurance data engineer to carry out regular web services, like browsing, debugging, and testing.

About the Hire

Senior QA Engineer

About the Hire

William worked as a software quality assurance engineer for 8 years, making him a seasoned professional in the field. Before being recruited by Halo, he already had extensive experience in functional and non-functional testing. William has performed all forms of testing on a range of enterprise level products. Overall, William’s background and experience in the engineering space made him extremely qualified for the job.

What the Hire Does

As a Senior QA Engineer, William does the following:

  • Develops web test strategies for business-critical projects
  • Works directly with development and product teams to build out and maintain test automation
  • Establishes and drives the adoption of quality metrics that help measure effectiveness, efficiency, and overall quality of the platform
  • Partners with developers and customer support in the bug triage process
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