Procurement & Development Specialist

Real Estate Company hires a Procurement & Development Specialist for $1,000 per month

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About the Client

What The Client Does

The client is a real estate investment firm focused on regional leisure destinations across the U.S., with an emphasis on hospitality assets. The Company invests primarily in lifestyle boutique properties and has in-house development capabilities to take on transformative renovations.

Client Needs

Our client manages numerous properties, and whether its new construction or renovations to an existing property, there is always a need for site coordination. Given all the moving pieces, our client needed someone to take point on the maintenance, repair, facility management and coordination process of their projects.

About the Hire

Procurement & Development Specialist

About the Hire

Gabe has years of relevant experience supporting and managing the needs of real estate properties. In previous roles, he worked as a team lead helping coordinate administrative needs of the properties under his purview. Additionally, Gabe also can perform social media management, CRM management, and track maintenance needs via tenant request portal. Gabe’s relevant background and track record of attention to detail made him a qualified candidate for the position.

What the Hire Does

As a Procurement & Development Specialist, Gabe works on the following:

  • Ordering and coordinating deliveries of furniture and operating supplies
    Placing orders for furniture, fixtures, and equipment
  • Managing spreadsheets and invoice tracking using project tracking software like Asana
  • Organizing tasks lists and updating ownership regularly with progress and outstanding items
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