Operational Data Analyst

Landscaping Company hires an Operational Data Analyst for $1,400 per month

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About the Client

What The Client Does

The client is a leading provider of landscape design and contracting services for residential and commercial properties in California.

Client Needs

Our client needed a highly skilled data analyst to support the operations and finance teams by leveraging data to provide actionable insights and improve & streamline the company’s operations.

About the Hire

Operational Data Analyst

About the Hire

Yuri has over 6 years of experience in data reporting and analysis, including as a Data Analyst for Amazon. He also previously worked in similar roles for Sykes Asia, IBM, and the London Stock Exchange. His skills in data management and analysis, coupled with a motivation for challenges and love of learning, made him an excellent fit for our client.

What the Hire Does

  • Handles data entry, manages large datasets, and generates reports for ongoing projects, while ensuring accuracy and consistency
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  • Analyze data to identify trends, anomalies, issues, bottlenecks, and areas for operational improvement.
  • Assists in managing project timelines, deliverables, and resources to ensure that project milestones are met on time.

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