Logistics Coordinator

Golf Accessories Manufacturer hires a Logistics Coordinator for $1,500 per month

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About the Client

What The Client Does

The client is a direct-to-consumer brand and manufacturer of premium golf technology products and golf accessories.

Client Needs

Our client needed an experienced global supply chain professional capable of coordinating efficient transportation for their entire product line – from multiple manufacturers to 3PL, retailers & distributors. Halo jumped in to help them hire Charles.

About the Hire

Logistics Coordinator

About the Hire

Charles has over two decades of professional experience in end-to-end supply chain management. His areas of expertise include: coordinating with 3PL (air, rail, trucking, ocean, etc.); communicating with suppliers, customers, production facilities, warehouses, and freight forwarders; inventory reporting & management; shipment tracking; cost optimization; and responding to logistics issues. Prior to being recruited by Halo, he was working as a Logistics Analyst at Canon.

What the Hire Does

  • Organizes, coordinates, and monitors shipments across the full international supply chain
  • Communicates with freight forwarders, suppliers, and distributors to ensure goods are shipped in a timely and cost-efficient manner and resolve shipment issues
  • Reviews, prepares, and routes purchase orders
  • Liaises and negotiates pricing and terms with supply chain partners
  • Prepares all shipping paperwork, including customs forms, invoices and packing lists

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