Employer of Record Services

Simplifying Global Employment

Hiring offshore employees to complete your U.S.-based team is a process that involves certain legal and compliance requirements which organizations may not have the time or resources to handle on their own. That’s where Halo Recruiting comes in.

At Halo Recruiting, we are able to serve as the employer of record (EOR) for your company, handling all of the legal, payroll management, administrative onboarding, and risk mitigation aspects of hiring global talent on your behalf. We work closely with each client to ensure a stress-free, streamlined process, connecting companies to top talent while helping them avoid the pitfalls of a poorly managed process.

Our Employer of Record Solutions

Comprehensive Legal Compliance

When hiring employees based outside of the U.S., it’s critical that companies have a deep understanding of international employment laws so they remain in compliance. Our employer of record solutions ensure total compliance with international and domestic employment laws. Our team of experts ensures your business complies with all local labor regulations, tax obligations, reporting requirements, and employment standards, safeguarding you against potential legal risks and penalties.

Streamlined Global Payroll Management

Managing payroll across different countries is a sophisticated task that requires a great deal of skill and experience to navigate correctly. At Halo Recruiting, we handle all aspects of payroll, from currency conversations and tax deductions to benefit disbursements and calculating wages. Our dedicated staff goes above and beyond to ensure a seamless, stress-free experience for both employers and employees alike.

Efficient Employee Onboarding & Management

We help companies establish a streamlined onboarding process to simplify the complexities of hiring international team members. From contract management to ongoing HR support, we ensure a smooth transition for your global workforce to feel as much a part of your team as your domestic employees.

Risk Mitigation & Employer Liability

Misclassification of employees can result in serious legal ramifications for U.S. organizations, making it imperative to have a knowledgeable EOR service provider to help navigate this essential process. Our employer of record services minimize this risk by ensuring proper classification and adherence to local and international employment laws, providing peace of mind and security for your business.

Customized Employee Benefits

Having an employee benefits program can help you stand out and attract higher quality talent worldwide. At Halo Recruiting, we help design and implement employee benefits programs that are both competitive and compliant with local standards, enhancing employee satisfaction and loyalty.

Simplify Your Overseas Hiring Journey

Having been at the forefront of the offshore recruitment landscape since its earliest inception, Halo Recruiting is uniquely qualified to act as the employer of record for your organization. Ensuring compliance with all aspects of the hiring and onboarding process, we empower companies to enjoy all the benefits of global talent while avoiding legal risk and liability as a result of non-compliance.

Remote Offshore Hiring

At Halo Recruiting, we understand the challenges related to accessing quality overseas talent.

Positions We Hire For

We can source for any position as long as that positions requirements & responsibilities are accommodated by remote employees.

Where We Hire

We recruit global talent and have a wide network of relationships built across the globe.