Overseas Remote Hiring for:

MSPs & IT Service Providers

By partnering with Halo, MSPs can scale their businesses while also significantly reducing overhead staffing expenses.

Unlocking Potential in Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

In the dynamic world of Managed Service Providers (MSPs), efficiency and expertise are paramount. Halo Recruiting specializes in connecting MSPs with top-tier, full-time overseas talent, particularly suited for the diverse needs of MSPs. Whether it’s network management, security monitoring, or specialized IT services, our candidates ensure seamless operations for SMBs, nonprofits, and government entities.

Why Halo for MSPs?

Our global reach and deep understanding of MSPs’ unique requirements allow us to provide tailored talent solutions. We recognize the critical role MSPs play in managing IT infrastructures across various sectors, including legal, financial services, and healthcare. Our focus is on sourcing professionals who are not only technically proficient but also experienced in specific IT segments, ensuring a perfect fit for your MSP’s specialized services.

MSP’s that hired through Halo Recruiting saved almost 75% in hiring costs last year.

Seamless Integration, Unmatched Expertise

The Halo advantage lies in our ability to source professionals adept at handling the daily management services essential for MSPs. From advanced security service provision to efficient infrastructure management, our talent pool is curated to enhance your service offerings. By partnering with Halo, MSPs can focus on expanding their services with high quality overseas talent.

We source IT & engineering talent, finance, accounting, and customer support professionals to meet a wide range of staffing needs for MSPs

Ready to start building your remote workforce?

Optimize your MSP operations with Halo Recruiting’s specialized, overseas talent solutions.

Remote Offshore Hiring

At Halo Recruiting, we understand the challenges related to accessing quality overseas talent.

Positions We Hire For

We can source for any position as long as that positions requirements & responsibilities are accommodated by remote employees.

Where We Hire

We recruit global talent and have a wide network of relationships built across the globe.