Niche Positions You Didn’t Know We Recruited For

Here’s how we find skilled talent quickly and economically

Are you looking to hire a network IT administrator specializing in Cisco, with at least seven years of experience and expertise in cloud computing, systems migration, coding tools, and Big Data, wears a size 10 shoe, and eats only the red Skittles? We feel your pain. Many niche job postings sound more like whimsical wishlists than realistic expectations—yet you never want to settle for less than the best.

That’s why we’ve built Halo Recruiting to address niche hiring challenges so you can get quality candidates that check every box—and hire them for less than the U.S. market rate.

Here’s our approach to niche hiring and how it saves you money.

How Halo Saves You Money on Niche Hiring

Niche hiring means fishing through a very limited talent pool. Unlike more general positions where candidates and skills are in greater supply, finding qualified niche candidates takes more time and effort. And when you do find your unicorn, you usually have to pay a premium to bring them on board (because other companies are competing for those same unicorns).

Halo Recruiting broadens the niche talent pool by tapping into overseas talent. Workers in the Philippines and beyond bring varied skill sets into diverse roles, often for a fraction of the cost of hiring domestic talent.

With our ready-to-hire database of remote workers plus a custom-tailored search process, companies can shorten the hiring timeline and find quality candidates for lower salaries.

Proof of Our Successful Niche Hiring Approach

Curious as to the niche positions we can help you fill? Take a look at these examples of recent hires we’ve facilitated.

CAD Dental Designer for a Dental Surgical Practice in Texas

Our recruit, Carl, brings 12 years of experience in dental digital design to his new role. He has a technical background in ExoCad, designing and rendering 3D printing casts for dental and orthodontic appliances (dentures, crowns, veneers, etc.)

Salary: $1,400/month for 40 hours per week (compared to $4,800/month in the United States)

Financial Data Analyst for a Hot Sauce Manufacturer in Tennessee

Joe has five years of experience handling full-cycle accounting, end-to-end bookkeeping, bank reconciliations, financial statement prep, management reporting, forecasting and budgeting. He is proficient in SQL, Java, CSS, and Data Science and has expertise in building KPI dashboards, charts, and data visualizations using JavaScript.

Salary: $2,200/month for 40 hours per week (compared to $5,900/month in the United States)

Video Editor for a Motorcycle Parts Manufacturer in Wisconsin

Jason specializes in motion graphics and short-form, high-action videos used mainly for social media (Reels and YouTube). He’s also an expert in Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects, as well as Final Cut Pro.

Salary: $2,000/month for 40 hours per week (compared to $4,800/month in the United States)

Quality Assurance Engineer for a Watch Marketplace in California

Ralph boasts 9+ years of experience as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer. He formerly worked as an engineer for companies in Japan, Singapore, Germany, and the US. His experience includes Selenium, Katalon Studio, Ranorex, Reflect, and Cypress as an SQA engineer.

Salary: $2,000/month for 40 hours per week (compared to $9,250/month in the United States)

NOC Systems Engineer for an IT Managed Services Firm in Florida

Last but not least, we have Ronald, who has 10+ years of experience in IT systems administration. He is a certified Cisco network engineer and is proficient in PowerShell, SNMP protocol, RMM, PSA, and network monitoring tools. He also has broad expertise in large-scale system migrations.

Salary: $2,500/month for 40 hours per week (compared to $4,960/month in the United States)

Hire with Halo Recruiting and Save Money!

In addition to niche placements, Halo Recruiting can help companies find talent across in-demand positions, such as accountants, bookkeepers, copywriters, executive assistants, sales reps, graphic designers, and more.
See all of the positions we recruit for and save big when you fill your next position with Halo Recruiting.

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