About Halo Recruiting

Your Trusted Source for Top Filipino Talent

Halo Recruiting is an agency in the U.S. dedicated to helping businesses connect with elite, high-skilled remote talent in the Philippines. We proudly act as your partners in sourcing, vetting, and hiring top Filipino talent, allowing you to enjoy substantial savings on your hiring needs without compromising on the quality of your operations.

By hiring overseas talent from the Philippines, we’ve leveled up every functional area of our business by offering competitive salaries to high-quality talent — all while spending 80% less than on U.S.-based hires. We want to help you achieve the same!

Results We've Earned

We founded Halo Recruiting with the goal of building a trusted platform for small to medium-sized U.S.-based businesses to access the same talented overseas support that larger companies have enjoyed for years. By unlocking the potential of remote workers in the Philippines and connecting them with great U.S. companies, we not only help businesses enjoy a stronger bottom line, but we also foster long-lasting relationships and unique opportunities for Filipino workers.

Historically, small businesses have not had access to quality off-shore talent like larger enterprises have had for decades, and we’re working to change that. By bringing together hardworking Filipino talent with U.S.-based SMBs, we’re changing the landscape to welcome a new era of success for small business owners, allowing them to be competitive like never before.

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Our History

After leaving Wall Street and starting an operating company with more than 10 locations and over 200 employees, we were seeking access to the same quality of overseas talent as the firms from which we came. From this problem, the concept of Halo Recruiting was born.

Unlike most U.S.-based firms that recruit overseas, we didn’t start from the angle of U.S. agencies looking to recruit talent in the Philippines. Our journey began in the Philippines with the development of personal relationships and a network of direct connections. With this boots-on-the-ground approach, we ensure a higher quality relationship between the U.S. businesses we serve and the employees we ultimately place with them. 

We recognize the need for remote talent that is engaged and reliable, which is why we work hard to identify candidates that satisfy these requirements while catering to the unique needs of the individual companies we serve. Allow us to be your partner in sourcing top-quality Filipino talent so your business can thrive!

Remote Offshore Hiring

At Halo Recruiting, we understand the challenges related to accessing quality overseas talent.

Positions We Hire For

We can source for any position as long as that positions requirements & responsibilities are accommodated by remote employees.

Where We Hire

We recruit global talent and have a wide network of relationships built across the globe.